Why Breastfeeding Isn’t normal..

Is this normal?!

I can’t tell you how often I have been asked this question! For most parents these three words nicely summarize life with a newborn. When it comes to initiating breastfeeding the answer to the “is this normal?!” question is….NO!

Hear me out on this one….

Yes, breastfeeding is NATURAL and within a few weeks it will become your NEW NORMAL (your baby will ensure you get LOTS of practice) BUT the amount of pressure put on women to instinctual be experts at breastfeeding is unrealistic and unfair. Think about this for a minute…you just experienced one of the most intense experiences of your life, you are exhausted, overcome with emotion and hormones and somehow you are expected to do something you have never done before..and be good at it!? At no other time in our lives do we expect to be an expert at something we have never done and yet new mothers often feel they have failed if they aren’t immediately good at breastfeeding.


YES-breastfeeding is natural

YES-it is highly beneficial for mom and baby.

But if you have never breastfed before it is NOT “normal”…IT’S EXTRAORDINARY!

So, cut yourself some slack while you AND your new baby are learning your new normal.  ❤


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