Birth is Birth…no matter how it happens!

You spent months visualizing your labour while designing the perfect birth plan. The only problem is no one told your baby.

Here it goes, Im going to say it…I hate “birth plans”! Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge believer in birth strategies, goals, wish lists and tools to help prepare for labour but you cannot “plan” a birth. Unfortunately, attempting to plan a birth often leads to disappointment.

In my experience c-section moms often struggle the most with loving their birth story. Many struggle with feelings of failure in the postpartum period. It is difficult to adjust and accept how you feel about your delivery when things don’t go according to plan. An unwanted or unplanned c-section is in many ways a harsh introduction to what parenthood is really like. I promise this will not be the last time your plans are derailed  because of your little one. A c-section may not have been what you wanted but it is the first of many personal wants you will sacrifice in order to do what is best for your baby.

C-section moms if you feel disappointed or are grieving the reality of your birth story you have every right to. But then remember:

-You are Brave…surgery is scary, and you were awake.

-You are strong…seconds after major abdominal surgery you took on one of life’s greatest challenges, caring for a newborn. (I have worked in an OR and this is not a normal post-op expectation. )

-You are selfless…maybe this wasn’t what you wanted but you put your families needs first and made sure your baby arrived safely.

And lastly…

-You grew a baby…your body did NOT fail you!

Unmedicated, a little medicated, very medicated or surgical…I have yet to meet anyone who had a labour without any surprises. The good news is no matter what you “planned” the end goal remains the same, have a baby, and here is a secret..that is always the end result.


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