Night Two Sucks!

Night Two…SUCKS! If you have had a baby ( even if it’s only 3 days old), you know exactly what I mean…and if you are expecting you really need to keep reading! Seriously, this is IMPORTANT and I cannot tell you how many new parents are surprised by the hell that is night two.

Allow me set the stage….

Night one: your baby is exhausted from birth, cuddles and testing out colostrum will be more than enough to keep your sleepy baby happy.  You will likely be running on very little sleep because you had been in labour the night before, but you won’t care. Still full of adrenaline, obsessed with watching your new baby sleep/breathe you likely won’t sleep much that fist night…your sweet baby will! The next day you might nap here and there in between visitors and you might even say things to these visitors  like “she is such an easy baby! The poor people across the hall have a very fussy baby.” (Those people are a day ahead of you and you just unknowingly witnessed night two)

NIGHT TWO with your beautiful new baby rolls around. Your adrenaline from birth is wearing off just as your postpartum hormones are kicking in; maybe the stronger drugs are starting to wear off, now you are sore; and the realization that you haven’t slept in two days hits and suddenly you’re exhausted! Unfortunately, this is night two and your sweet baby is about to make sure you get NO sleep!

Get ready to experience the most intense night of fussing and cluster feeding. I am not telling you this to scare you but rather to prepare you! By morning, many new parents are terrified that this is what every night will be like or worse mothers feel like they are failing at providing for their babies.

It will get better. You are not a failure. AND THIS IS NORMAL!

So why does this happen? Your baby is adjusting to being outside the womb, there is a lot to take in and the stimulation can be very overwhelming. The intense cluster feeding is nature’s way of getting your milk to come in. Breastmilk is produced based on supply and demand.  Although you might both feel frustrated by how often you are nursing with very little success, keep at it! It’s actually a good thing and will stimulate your supply. (Side Note: If needed please get help with your latch or you will be very sore by morning, breastfeeding should not hurt)  Night two little ones will fuss, often inconsolably, do lots of skin to skin to help comfort baby and encourage milk production. It is going to be a VERY long night no matter what you do. Just remember it is normal, morning will come, and you will join the ranks of parents who survived “NIGHT TWO”.



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