You will always be our first…

You will always be our first….

You find out you are going to be parents again, your little one is going to be a big sister or brother. Your family is growing, it’s a happy and exciting time….so why do you feel so guilty?

This is very common when your expecting your second child. Deep down you know that a sibling is one of the best gifts you can give your eldest but somehow there is worry and doubt…..Will my toddler know that nothing can change how much I love them? ; Will they adjust to the new baby?; Did I rob them of being the baby in the house; Will I be able to love two children as much as I love this one?
People don’t like to voice these feelings because it makes it sound like they aren’t thrilled about the new baby on the way, and that’s just NOT true. There is a big difference between saying first and favorite . You will love that new baby as fiercely as you love your firstborn but that doesn’t mean that in all the excitement you can’t mourn the end of that oh so special time when you were just a family of three. After all…your first changed the way you saw the world; you had hours of uninterrupted time to just be; the memories are the happiest of your life so far; you care about their happiness more then anything in the world; they taught you what it means to love selflessly; they made you a Mommy and Daddy; and you had to figure it all out together…But most importantly  things are absolutely going to change.

So while you wait for your heart to explode with love all over again when that new little one arrives, it’s ok to feel the need to really cherish the last moments of being able to give all your attention to that little person who will always be your first….

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