Pregnant at Work: Like a BOSS.. even if you don’t feel like it.

Working while pregnant is no joke! It’s really, REALLY hard! Of course there are always exceptions and some people seem to skip around the work place with a little basketball bump feeling awesome. If this is you, congratulations, you are about as rare as a unicorn and honestly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G…I’m both jealous and happy for you. For everyone else… the struggle is real and you are also amazing for getting through it.
First Trimester: Likely no one knows you are pregnant and you are both bursting with excitement and trying to hide how often you are online looking at baby items, parenting blogs, and baby name generators. You are doing all this while thinking of a million reasons why you no longer enjoy happy hour. There is a very good chance you feeling like crap! Nausea…oh nausea, (I suffered from hyperemesis in both pregnancies so this subject is near and dear to me…but I could fill a novel on this so probably best to leave that alone for now.) Being sick all day and getting no sympathy because you are still hiding your pregnancy is terrible. All you want is to curl up with a bucket beside your bed and sleep for the next 3 months… but you are a professional so you fill your desk with Saltines and hope you don’t throw up in an important meeting. Fatigue, this is an insanely underrated symptom in pregnancy. It is absolutely exhausting growing a baby and to make things worse you are likely either going cold turkey or seriously restricting your beloved coffee. Overall the first trimester is like going to work every day for 3 months with an exciting secret and a bad hangover.
Second Trimester: Ok, so this part can actually be pretty fun if you can look past the flurry of unwanted advice and insane labour stories. You finally share with everyone that you are expecting and hopefully this news is met with excitement. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are as supportive as they should be and this can cause undue stress. This in-between stage can be tough, you have a lot of OB appointments and you don’t want it to seem like your pregnancy is effecting your work. It’s an awkward time where you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel yet (aka glorious maternity leave) but you don’t want to take on new endeavors because you don’t want to leave too many loose ends.


Third Trimester: If you are anything like me, too hot and huge summarizes working in the third trimester nicely. No matter how much effort you put into making yourself presentable somehow you always end up feeling a hot mess by the end of the day. You know the struggle is obvious because people are suddenly treating you like you should be home on bedrest. People start commenting on the size of your bump; there are bets about when your baby will be born; If you sit too long you swell…if you stand too long you swell…sometimes you just swell for the sake of swelling; and for many people the third trimester brings the return of fatigue and nausea this time with a side order of heartburn. The good news is the end is in sight and if you are lucky you might even get thrown a work baby shower full of adorable baby things ( this will probably make you cry at work…because hormones!). There is nothing like a teeny tiny onsie to remind you why you are putting yourself through all of this. Your baby will be here soon and it will be sooooo worth it.

It’s not easy…but you are doing it…like a BOSS!

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