It’s that TIME again; Dealing with the Dreaded Time Change…

It’s that time of year again.. time to “fall back” and change the clocks. A whole extra hour of glorious sleep… haha just kidding you’re a parent! It’s actually amazing how reliably my youngest wakes up at 5:50am on the dot! So, while the clocks turning back used to mean an extra hour in bed this weekend it is likely going to mean starting my day at 4:50am!

So, there are a few ways you can approach messing up the sleep schedule you have worked on, sweated over and perfected over the last several months…

(seriously…can we all vote to STOP doing this!)

1. Slow torture: you can start about 5-7 days in advance and slowly shift their sleep times by 15 min intervals so that when the time change arrives they will hopefully have transitioned to the new time. Some parents especially with little ones who are married to their routine swear by this method, I personally feel like it drags it out and adds to the amount of time you are dealing with the change.

2. Exhaust them: this method involved either skipping a nap, keeping them up late or just keeping them extremely busy/active the day before the change in hopes that this causes a rare sleep in. I’m not sure how effect this would be as most kids actually sleep worse when they are overtired so unless your kids have been known to sleep in when they are tired (imagine that?!) you might want to avoid this strategy.

3. Wing it: this is my personal favourite because it requires no preparation whatsoever. Basically you put your kids to bed and hope that by some miracle they won’t wake up at 4:50am…and when they inevitably DO wake up at 4:50am you do what you do best…deal with it. Don’t get me wrong it is going to be a loonnng day but maybe you break some of your own rules to get through it…midday Disney movies and comfort food anyone? Bedtime will eventually come and they will be good and ready for it. You might just be surprised how quickly they adjust if you do nothing at all.

There is no wrong way to deal with the time change and you likely know what is going to work best for your kids. My only real advice would be try not to stress about it…we will all be back to our 5:50am “sleep ins” before you know it.😉

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