A Perfectly Imperfect Journey…

I always say everyone’s journey to and through parenthood is different and I pride myself in supporting families on whatever that journey may be…but what does this really mean?
This week in particular my discussions with very different families in various stages of their journey has really highlighted what this means and how important it is.
Some women’s road to conception is long…like years long, and filled with physically and emotionally tough moments, so you can appreciate that after years of trying it can be difficult to hear about another women conceiving on her first try; Some women are their happiest most confident self while pregnant… some women get hit with every side effect in the book and spend 9 months feeling awful and anxious; Sometimes a prefect pregnancy ends in a premature birth followed but weeks spent in the NICU; While a mother might battle breastfeeding challenges for months another new mom effortlessly nurses her baby while she goes over and over her birth story wondering if there was any way she could have avoided an unwanted C-Section…
What is the point? Everybody has a journey and no matter how it may appear on the outside, NOBODIES journey is perfect. What is important is recognizing that everyone has their own struggles and their own successes. So, during an already challenging time let’s put community over competition… rather then comparing journeys lets find a way to celebrate each others successes and support each others struggles. ❤

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