Birth Affirmations for Caesarean

There are a variety of reasons why a baby might be born via C-Section, sometimes this is a last minute change in plans and sometimes a C-Section is the plan from very early on in the pregnancy. In the case of a planned C-Section there is a lot of predictability, you may know months in advance what your delivery date is likely to be. When a mother is preparing for a vaginal birth they visualize how they want the birth to go and work on skills to try and facilitate these goals; maybe its studying hypnobirthing, practicing yoga, taking birth classes with their spouse etc. All of these preparations provide an outlet for anxious energy, allow for bonding and give a sense of control.

With a planned C-Section there is so much external control mothers often feel like they have no internal control over THEIR birth. Regardless of if you are planning an unmediated birth, birth with an epidural or having a planned C-Section you are about to deliver a baby and finding ways to prepare and connect with the delivery can help you to feel present and calm during the birth and help you to process your feelings following the birth.

Many mothers feel anxious leading up to their delivery date, I encourage you to treat these feelings the same way you would if you were anxious about an impending due date… PREPARE! Go to yoga to practice breathing, centering and remaining calm; work on relaxation techniques; stay fit to prepare for recovery; visualize your delivery and meeting your baby; make a plan for how you want your partner to support you during the delivery- your birth partner still absolutely has a major role to play; and write birth affirmations because even if you are having a C-Section…you are still giving BIRTH.
Below are ideas for C-Section birth affirmations, maybe some will speak to you or maybe you will write your own. If you are not planning a C-Section but are big on birth affirmations having a few neutral affirmations that could be applied to a vaginal or Caesarean birth might be beneficial in case your plans change.


“I am happy there is a safe way to deliver my baby”

“I trust my body and the people I have chosen to support me in delivering my baby”

“I am relaxed and enjoying the birth of my baby”

“I will be calm and happy as I welcome my baby”

“This was the perfect way to welcome our baby into the world for my family”

“My baby will be here soon”

“I am strong and brave”

“Breath in calm, breath out anxiety”

“This I how I am supposed to welcome my baby”

“I am exactly where I need to be in this moment”

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