Tis A season

Tis a Season
Let’s face it kids are notorious for changing the best made plans…and believe it or not sometimes even the magic of Christmas isn’t enough to make all the stars align to have an awesome day. I learned this the hard way! I was SOOOO excited for my daughter’s first Christmas, I had so many plans and prepared to have the perfect Christmas weekend…so naturally she came down with a HORRIBLE case of hand foot & mouth and we spent Christmas in isolation with a miserable baby.

So what did I learn from this bout of bad luck? That the Holidays are a SEASON not a DAY. It is WAY too much pressure to put on one day, especially if you have little kids! I highly recommend embracing the entire season…so fill long cold winter days with fun things in preparation and that way if your kids are sick (and kids sooo often are), in a mood (kids so often are) or are just overwhelmed (kids…you get the point) you still had an awesome holiday.

So here it is my list of fun things you can do to prepare and make sure you enjoy the SEASON!

-Christmas movies ( if the t.v is on in December its festive…the kids get really excited watching these and I feel nostalgic. Win,win)

-Jiggle Baths (blast Christmas music and sing while the kids ha
ve their bath) Bonus- give them a bubble bath and have them make bubble beards like Santa (HO HO HO).

-Christmas light walks (Every night before bed starting Dec. 1 when the kids are in their P.J’s we go for a stroll around the neighbourhood and check out the lights…the kids LOVE this! It’s awesome to see how excited they get as more houses have their lights up every night)

-Visit the local ambitious houses! – some nights we change it up and drive to local houses that do AMAZING Christmas displays…we have 5 houses within 10 min drive from our house that have light shows timed to music. These are often posted in local moms groups etc.

-Christmas Parades

– Picking out a tree/ decorating a tree..and redecorating a tree..and redecorating a tree….

-Putting up the lights- Really my husband does this but we make it fun by dressing up making hot cider and hanging out on the lawn yelling “daddy don’t fall off the roof!”. It doesn’t seem like an activity but my kids have talked about the time daddy went on the roof more than they talked about the parade.

-Christmas shopping- Ok so thank goodness for online shopping because no one wants to drag kids through the mall around Christmas HOWEVER, there is something about being in the hustle and bustle. We give our kids $5 and take them to the dollar store and let them do their “Christmas shopping”, they pick out something they think each family member would like. The gifts are adorable, hilarious, junk and from the heart!

-Christmas Crafts- One of our favorites is cutting out a huge paper tree. The kids treepaint it green and we make a glitter star. I cut out about a billion circles and they can paint, glitter, sticker etc are decorate however they like throughout the season.

-Christmas baking- again something I did after my daughter went to bed the first year…now I make it a family affair…sure they might not look as beautiful but we have a lot of fun doing it.

-Letters to Santa! This is a super fun one and Canada post will write you back!

So there are about a billion other things I can write about but I think you get the point. The best thing about this list is everything on it is FREE and involves spending time together…and your attention is the thing that little ones value the most. Including your kids in all the little preparations for the Holidays isn’t as efficient but you might be surprised how much excitement they get out of the smallest jobs ( “gently dusting the snow globes”) and more importantly it won’t feel like a job or just another thing you have to get done before Christmas…after all spending time with family is what the Holidays are all about ;). So take the pressure off the ONE day and allow yourself to enjoy the SEASON! ❤


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