Maybe your best…is good enough.

We all know mom guilt is real! I do my best to fight it but I often find myself feeling torn…and far too often I am too hard on myself. A perfect example happened just this week…it was a day both kids (ages 3 &1.5) were home all day and my littlest was sick…like super sick.
Here is how my day went…
-Woke up at 3am to a fevered baby, gave her medicine and held/rocked her for an hour until she was deep asleep… when they are sick all my sleep rules get tossed and I am there to do whatever they need to be comfortable.
-530am Fevered baby is up for the day and is fussy and uncomfortable and saying “Bath, bath”…Bath 1/3 happens… this wakes up my 3 year old.
-I make a breakfast while holding a irritable sick baby.. that no one eats.. kids don’t do well when they don’t eat so we have a generally cranky morning.
– As I am carrying around my unusually cranky/clingy baby she falls asleep…not willing to wake her up I sit down and turn on a movie (T.V by 10 am ugh) for my 3 year old to keep her occupied. Movie 1/3 happens…
– My littles wakes up and I make their favorite and the easiest thing I can think to make, K.D. ….Still wanting to be held and not sit in her highchair we end up sitting on the floor on a blanket in front of …movie 2/3.
-Following lunch bath 2/3 happened…I passed my 3 year old the palest pink nail polish out of the cupboard I could find in an effort to keep her busy…90% of her feet are now pink.
-I spent the next hour trying to get an overtired sick baby to take a nap, this is normally a breeze, but she would NOT be put down. Eventually giving up because I REALLY needed to check on my three year old who I had left watching movie 3/3 saying don’t leave the room til mommy gets back…being the extraordinarily compliant child she is she had done something she NEVER does and had an accident on my bed because she wasn’t supposed to leave…CUE WASHING ALL THE BEDDING WHILE FEELING TERRIBLE THAT SHE HAD AN ACCIDENT

-Finally dinner which I managed to burn beyond repair because I was cooking at 4 and if you have ever had a sick child you know 4 is the WORST time of day. So we drove to get happy meals…not winning in the nutrition department today. Dinner was followed by bath 3/3 and FINALLY…BED!
The mom guilt was already starting to sink in as I was tucking my 3 year old into bed when she looked at me and said “mommy we had a great day didn’t we…” My jaw about hit the floor…but I fixed my face and said “ can you tell me about your great day?”…
“I painted my nails…just like mommy” ; “We had an inside winter picnic and watched Trolls”; “We had three GREAT BIG BUBBLE BATHS…and I was mommy’s helper when H was a little Fuzzy ( fussy)”; “We jumped played monkeys on the bed and parachute with mommies new sheets..”(didn’t even mention the accident) ; “we got new toy and sticks (fries) and cheese burger” …
It went on..and on…in her mind, she had a great day…and when I really thought about it, so did I. No, I do not want to give my kids 3 baths everyday…and I would like their meals to have been more nutritious and their t.v time to have been way less…but this is not our normal..and this is what we needed to do TODAY. So next time you have one of those days..and we all have them…rather than feeling guilty maybe consider that maybe, just maybe…doing the best you can, might just be good enough…and to them, it might even be great! ❤

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