Ready for Kindergarten?


I did a thing today…I registered my first baby for Kindergarten. I tend to get emotional about milestones but I will be honest this one is really hitting me hard. It is the most cliché thing in the world to say…but can time seriously slow down?! Parents constantly comment on how quickly time goes by and it sounds ridiculous that we are shocked every time our kids are another year, month…minute older and yet it continues to blow my mind and take me by surprise! I suppose it’s because life is busy and you often can’t see the forest through the trees… and then all of a sudden you are on the other side of a stage or era and it kinda takes your breath away (anyone else want to turn around and run back into the trees?).
Yes, my excited little girl still looked so very little in that great big school today, standing on her tip toes to see over the secretary’s desk in the principal’s office. Today I just handed over some registration paperwork so I can only imagine the way I am going to feel when I drop her off on the first day of school…
I will likely feel what all parents do and be full of both pride, sentiment and worry for my little nugget’s first day. I am sure when I leave her at school with her new teacher I will be thinking of all the milestones that make my little girl so very special to me…the ones her teacher won’t be able to see. The first time we heard her cry, the hours of skin to skin, the snuggle snoozes, her first smile, her tiny voice saying “mama” for the first time, the play dates, the swimming lessons, the first wobbly steps she took across our bedroom floor…no, her new teacher likely won’t think about the nose kisses, the tears wiped, the midday dance parties, the sneaky smiles, the stroller walks, the doctor’s offices, the midnight snuggles, the stories read, the miles carried or the lessons we have taught each other…
Little one, I biasedly believe your new teacher (and the whole world) will be able to see what a special person you are but I also know they will likely never know how very special you are to me. Although this lovely teacher won’t see my baby… I know she WILL see a happy, clever, empathetic, kind and oh so sweet little girl who is excited and READY for kindergarten…even if her “mommy” is not. ❤

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