Don’t forget to mention how great it is….a love letter to new parents


Don’t forget to mention how great it is….

In a world full of information, images, realness we are more exposed to the “details” then ever before. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting is no exception! Yes there are things postpartum that I still hear parents say “I wish someone had told me” or “I had no idea…” however there is a big difference between educating & scaring new parents. Too often we bombard new moms and dads with the horror stories, the challenges…the negatives, and all too often we forget to mention how great it is!

So, well I hope more and more women enter the delivery room confident, knowing their options and with at least a general understanding of what to expect… I also hope that they are prepared for the most emotional, raw, vulnerable & yet empowering moment of their life…That when they see their baby for the first time there likely won’t be a dry eye in the room; that their heart will threaten to burst with love and pride and that no words will ever really be able to describe the magic of that moment.

So go ahead and warn about how tough breastfeeding can be, it’s important and it takes a lot of new moms by surprise…but don’t forget to mention the bond, how proud you were when you finally got that latch right, how emotional you felt when your baby eventually weaned and this beautiful phase was over….

Tell them about ALL the diapers and the sleepless nights…but also warn them about how heart-melting that first smile & “mama” is…

If you must, warn them that by their due date everyone feels slow moving and large…but don’t forget to mention that time erases those feelings and it doesn’t take long to miss those little kicks from the inside.

Yes, Saturday night will look a little different but so will your perspective on the whole world✨you will once again see the magic…

Yes new moms and dads…things are going to change.. there is no doubt about that! You will be challenged, tested and likely more tired then you could ever imagine…but you will also be prouder, stronger, and more in love then you ever thought possible.So, just incase no one mentioned it lately…be excited because it’s going to be great!

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