Caroline Hylands

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My background is in Kinesiology and Nursing. My interest in maternal and family health started following the birth of my first daughter. I was working as an RN in Cardiology at The Hospital for Sick Children in what was absolutely my dream job at the time…. but the transformation motherhood has had on me has been my life’s best surprise. I did return to nursing at Sick Kids after my first maternity leave but following the birth of my second daughter it became very clear that my passion now laid elsewhere.

It was terrifying to walk away from a job that 6 years earlier had been a dream. But the more I looked into making the change, the more excited I became. Friends and family surprised me with their support and belief this change was the perfect fit for me. So, as I do with most things in life, I jumped in with two feet!

How Can I help?

Despite all the preparation in the world, sometimes our babies and our bodies make their own plans. I personally had very difficult pregnancies and complicated births. I experienced everything from Hyperemesis, Breech birth, Emergency C-Section, VBAC and joined the exclusive 42 weeks pregnant club…twice! Despite all that, I can still honestly say this has been the happiest and most fulfilling time in my life.

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These two were worth the wait!

-I want to help you to love and be proud of your birth story, and to find joy in your postpartum experience even if it wasn’t what you expected.

-I will support you in achieving your own unique birth and postpartum goals.

-I will provide knowledge, help navigate new information, and provide non-judgmental support so you can make informed choices.  Only you know what is best for your family.

-Everyone is different and ever birth is different. I will get to know you and your family, what your goals, fears and strengths are in order to provide support that is right for you.

-I WILL BE THERE, to help overcome challenges and celebrate successes!

I would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Jaklyn Andrews


Hi! I’m Jaklyn and I own Oakville Family Birth. I’m thrilled to have teamed up with Caroline to form the other half of the birth doula team at Burlington Birth Professionals.
I was inspired to pursue a career in birth and parenting support after the births of my two awesome kids. I come to this work with a background in health promotion and public health research and I’m especially passionate about providing compassionate, evidence-based support for all families, all types of births and all parenting choices. I LOVE my clients and I LOVE my job! Partnering with Caroline allows me to provide even greater support to expectant families; I’m so looking forward to working with you.

Jaklyn is also a postpartum doula, providing in-home support to new parents and babies. Click here to find out more postpartum doula services