Birth Doula Package

Why Choose Us?

Caroline Hylands of Burlington Birth Professionals works in partnership with Jaklyn Andrews of Oakville Family Birth as a Doula team to provide Birth Doula services to better support and meet the needs of our clients.

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How does this benefit our clients?

You are essentially getting two Doula’s for the price of one. We will both attend your prenatal visits ensuring you develop a relationship and equal level of comfort with both of us. We will both know and understand your wants, wishes, preferences and goals for your labour. You will receive the support and expertise of two different professionals with different backgrounds; I come from a pediatric nursing background and Jaklyn a health promotion & research background (get to know us About Page ) but we are both passionate about providing non-judgmental support for growing families. Most importantly, working in a Doula team greatly decreases the chances of a backup Doula being used. This means you can feel confident in knowing that either Caroline or Jaklyn will be the Doula who attends your birth.


Birth Doula Package:

Two Prenatal Visits:

These visits give us an opportunity to get to know each other. We will discuss your hopes, fears, goals and wishes for labour. Based on these discussions we will focus on topics that are important to you and your family as you prepare for the birth of your baby. This may include but is not limited to :

  •  What to expect in labour
  • How to know if you’re in labour
  • How can I best support you and your family
  • What to expect if planning a c-section
  • Comfort techniques for labour
  •  What to expect postpartum.
  • Caring for mom and baby post delivery

Unlimited On-call support:

From the moment we sign a contract we are available to answer any questions and provide support via phone, email or text.

Labour Support:

You will receive continuous support throughout your labour and delivery. We promise to provide non-judgmental support to you and your partner ensuring you both feel calm, confident and informed.  Following delivery we will make sure you and your new baby are comfortable, settled and support you with your first feedings.

We would be happy to help document some special moments by taking photos should you request.

Postpartum Support:

In the week following your delivery we will arrange for a postpartum visit. Some things that may be covered during this in home visit are:

  • Discussing your birth
  • Questions or concerns about self care or caring for your new baby
  • Lactation support if required.

The purpose of this visit is to help ensure you still feel supported following the birth of your baby and comfortably transition into parenthood.

Investment: $1100