Ready for Kindergarten?

  I did a thing today…I registered my first baby for Kindergarten. I tend to get emotional about milestones but I will be honest this one is really hitting me hard. It is the most cliché thing in the world to say…but can time seriously slow down?! Parents constantly comment on how quickly time goes by… Continue reading Ready for Kindergarten?

Maybe your best…is good enough.

We all know mom guilt is real! I do my best to fight it but I often find myself feeling torn…and far too often I am too hard on myself. A perfect example happened just this week…it was a day both kids (ages 3 &1.5) were home all day and my littlest was super… Continue reading Maybe your best…is good enough.

Tis A season

Tis a Season Let’s face it kids are notorious for changing the best made plans…and believe it or not sometimes even the magic of Christmas isn’t enough to make all the stars align to have an awesome day. I learned this the hard way! I was SOOOO excited for my daughter’s first Christmas, I had… Continue reading Tis A season