Birth Affirmations for Caesarean

There are a variety of reasons why a baby might be born via C-Section, sometimes this is a last minute change in plans and sometimes a C-Section is the plan from very early on in the pregnancy. In the case of a planned C-Section there is a lot of predictability, you may know months in… Continue reading Birth Affirmations for Caesarean


You will always be our first…

You will always be our first.... You find out you are going to be parents again, your little one is going to be a big sister or brother. Your family is growing, it’s a happy and exciting why do you feel so guilty? This is very common when your expecting your second child. Deep… Continue reading You will always be our first…

Food for Fun… Until One! Baby Led Weaning

Around six months you will notice your little one starting to show signs of readiness to eat…in fact,  it will start to become difficult to keep your food away from them! Once they are physically able they will start reaching for EVERYTHING on your plate. They are old enough, eager and have hit the appropriate… Continue reading Food for Fun… Until One! Baby Led Weaning