What is a Birth Doula?

“Birth is AMAZING, no matter how it happens” 

What do Birth Doulas do?

A birth Doula is a birth attendant that is knowledgeable and experienced in childbirth. They provide families with continuous emotional, physical and informational support.

Doula’s work in conjunction with families and health care providers to form a supportive team.


  • Provides calming support and reassurance.
  • Understands your wishes and helps facilitate you reaching your birth goals.
  • Validates feelings
  • Understands the magnitude of this life event and intensity of emotions involved.


  • Birth Comfort techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Hands on Support


  • Evidence based information
  • Help to navigate and understand new and evolving information
  • Provides ongoing answers to questions throughout pregnancy


  • Help provide tools to connect parents during labour
  • Support open and involved communication with entire care team
  • Continuous phone and email support

Why choose a Doula?

Unlike other care providers a Doula’s only obligation during a birth is YOU! This ensure’s ongoing support throughout your labour.

Will my partner still be involved if I have a Doula?

YES! Family members have long-standing relationships to the mother that are invaluable during labour. Doula’s have experience in births and offer comfort support. Doula’s support and encourage partners while providing them with tools to better support you! Doula’s can help ensure everyone feels relaxed, involved and informed allowing you both to enjoy the birth of your baby.

If I am planning an epidural or C-section do I need a Doula?

Birth is amazing no matter how it happens. It is a physically and emotionally transformative experience. No matter what your birth plan is, you deserve to feel supported. A Doula can help settle anxieties, provide information and emotional support no matter what your birth might involve.